Foracare D40-d

Foracare D40-d

The Foracare D40-d is a Bluetooth Blood Pressure/Glucometer compatible with Health@Home Android and the PHG2000L. It is a Continua certified device.


Foracare devices do not send correct scan report numbers. The setting to validate scan report numbers on the Health@Home product must be disabled if present.


Pairing Information:

  1. Start with the Foracare device fully powered off
  2. Hold the ‘Transmission’ button until the letters PCL show on the screen.
  3. The ‘wireless’ led at the top of the ForaCare device will blink rapidly.
  4. Use the Health@Home product to connect to the ForaCare blood pressure cuff. (PIN code is: 111111)
  5. The ForaCare will say “Have a nice day” before shutting down.

Measurement Information:

  1. Fasten the blood pressure cuff on upper arm
  2. Press power button to take a measurement
  3. Once the measurement completes, press the upper right transfer button
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