MIR Spirotel

MIR Spirotel

The MIR Spirotel is a Bluetooth Smart Spirometer compatible with Health@Home Android and the PHG2000L. It is not a Continua certified device.




In order to get data from the Spirotel with the PHG2000L, a user will need to go to the PHG configuration GUI and navigate to the device page. The Spirotel must have a section updated under ‘Settings’ to identify the device as a ‘MIR Spirotel/Spirodoc E-Health MiniLab’.


Pairing Instructions:

  1. Press button at bottom to power on
  2. The MIR Spirotel will now be pairable
  3. Pairing PIN written on back of device–10004

Measurement Instructions:
Assumes the Spirotel is paired

  1. Press the ‘Spiro’ icon on the LCD
  2. Take a measurement by breathing into the disposable plastic tube as hard as possible
  3. The measurement value should upload automatically
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