Nonin Onyx II 9560BT

Nonin Onyx II 9560BT

The Nonin Onyx II is a Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter compatible with Health@Home Android and the PHG2000L. It is a Continua Certified device.

No longer supported by manufacturer.



Product Features

  • Continua Certified
  • Bluetooth HDP transmission of data
  • Microsoft HealthVault Certified
  • Memory for 20 single point measurements
  • Certified accuracy for measuring patients with COPD
  • SPOT measurements
  • Power saving transmission signal


Pairing Information:
The PIN code is found on the side of the Onyx II device.

  1. Begin the pairing process with the Onyx II powered off.
  2. Remove the batteries from the Onyx II.
  3. Put your finger into the socket of the Onyx II to clear the capacitors.
  4. Remove your finger from the socket and replace the batteries. 5. Return your finger to the Onyx II’s data socket. After a few moments a ‘toggle’ should appear on the side opposite the heart rate and 02 labels.
  5. The Onyx II should be pairable.

Measurement Information:
Assumes the Onyx II is paired

  1. Insert finger into Onyx II
  2. Measurement data should transfer automatically
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