Omron HBF-206IT

Omron HBF-206IT

The Omron HBF-206IT is a Bluetooth Body Composition Analyzer compatible with Health@Home Android and the PHG2000L. It is a Continua Certified device.

No longer supported by manufacturer.


You will need to contact Omron directly to order the Continua certified version of this device. Contact information is included in the purchasing link.

Product Features

  • Can display measurements in lb/kg
  • Weight capacity – 330 lb (150 kg)
  • Memory storage for up to 30 readings
  • Displays body fat percentage (5-60%)
  • Displays skeletal muscle percentage (5-50%)
  • Displays BMI (7-90)
  • Displays Resting Metabolism (385-3999 kcal)
  • Displays Visceral Fat (30 levels)
  • Displays Visceral Fat Level (0/normal, +/high, or ++/very high)
  • Communicates via Bluetooth technology version 2.1+EDR
  • Continua Certified


Pairing Information:
If needed, the PIN number for the Weight Scale is 0000

  1. Select one of the four user buttons in the front of the BCA
  2. Wait till the BCA indicates it is ready to take a measurement
  3. Tap the Guest/Memo button. The last recorded measurement will be displayed.
  4. Press and hold the Upload button until the viewing pane displays a ‘P’ and a moving circle.
  5. The Omron HBF-206IT should be pairable.

Measurement Information:
Assumes the HBF-206IT is paired

  1. Press the same front user button to start the BCA
  2. Once zeroed, step onto the BCA
  3. Step off BCA when prompted
  4. When measurement is complete, press ‘Upload’ button to transmit
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