The PE128 is a Bluetooth Smart Pedometer compatible with Health@Home Android, iOS and the PHG2000L. It is not a Continua certified device.



Features Include:

  • Uses Bluetooth Smart technology to connect to the Health@Home ecosystem
  • Daily activity tracking, including steps, distance travelled and calories burned
  • Nightly sleep tracking, including rest time and actual sleep time
  • 4-color activity level LED indicator: red (inactive), yellow (low activity), green (moderate activity), and blue (target met)


Pairing Information:

  1. Press and hold the button next to the LED display to enable advertising
  2. The indicator light will blink then turn a steady blue to indicate the PE128 is advertising
  3. Use the device page to search for the device
  4. Copy the device’s BT address
  5. Navigate to the Bluetooth tab
  6. Add the device BT address to whitelisted device list

Pairing Information:

  1. Press and hold button next to LE display
  2. Measurements should transfer automatically to whitelisted device in range
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