A&D UC-351PBT-Ci

A&D UC-351PBT-Ci

The A&D UC-351PBT-Ci is a Bluetooth Weight Scale compatible with Health@Home Android and the PHG2000L. It is a Continua Certified device.



Product Features

  • built in real time clock
  • audible “step off” on completion and visual indication
  • Supports Continua Bluetooth HDP transport
  • High capacity -330lbs(150kg)
  • Weight in lbs or kilograms


Pairing Information:
If needed, the PIN code is: 123456.

  1. Start with the device powered off
  2. Remove the batteries from the AND Weigh Scale.
  3. Reinsert the batteries.
  4. The UC-351 should now be pairable.

Measurement Information:
Assumes that the UC-351 is paired

  1. Step onto scale
  2. Step off scale when prompted
  3. Measurement should transfer automatically
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