Connected Health Solutions

Lamprey Networks offers a variety of hardware and software solutions to provide alerts and analytics for remote monitoring. All of Lamprey’s products are designed to provide standards-based, clinically acceptable data from at home medical sensors to remote monitoring systems.

Since 1991 our vision here at LNI is to enable patients to have the ability to recieve world-class healthcare within the comfort of their own homes. We have been able to do so through the tireless efforts of our incredible team. More information about our company’s history and personnel may be found under the ‘About’ menu item.

Lamprey Network’s Personal Health Gateway (PHG) products enable multiple users to forward personal health information in real time to electronic health records. LNI PHGs include both software and hardware solutions designed to enable the flow of supporting medical data for a number of use cases.

Lamprey Networks provides a list of all sensor devices that have been tested for interoperability with our Health@Home products.

The list of sensor devices and procedural information for pairing and uploading measurements, can be found under the ‘Compatible Sensors’ menu item.

More About LNI

LNI is a leading provider of standards based, consumer and patient centric, end-to-end connectivity and interoperability solutions from personal sensors into the cloud and through the care providers. LNI licenses commercial grade implementations of industry standard protocols that follow the Continua Guidelines including ISO/IEEE 11073-20601 managers and clients as well as IHE transactions, mobile and fixed hubs, cloud based services, and integrated solutions. Read more about LNI and Continua