Health@Home Android is a free software application provided by LNI to enable mobile devices to act as a aggregator for at home medical sensor data. Health@Home Android is able to forward sensor data to Exchange, or any Health Service supporting open industry standards, and as such can be seamlessly integrated with the physical Health@Home PHGs. Health@Home Android is available for download in the Google Play store.

Capabilities and Features:

  • Supports all Bluetooth HDP sensor devices
  • Supports a TCP test mode for IEEE 11073-20601 test sensor devices
  • Supports BTLE Blood Pressure, Health Thermometer, Glucometer, Weight Scale, Pulse Oximeter, Heart Rate, and Continuous Glucose Monitor profile.
  • Supports Proprietary Nonin Pulse Oximeter, A&D Weight Scale, and IDT PE128 Activity Monitor
  • Supports measurement upload using FHIR or PCD-01
  • Supports SOAP and hData Continua Observation upload, WS-Trust STS Username SAML2 token request