About LNI

LNI is a leading provider of standards-based, end-to-end connectivity and interoperability solutions connecting at-home medical devices to backend clinical monitoring systems. LNI licenses commercial grade implementations of industry-standard protocols that follow the Personal Connected Health Alliance’s (PCHA) Continua Guidelines including ISO/IEEE 11073-20601 managers and clients as well as IHE transactions, mobile and fixed hubs, cloud-based services, and integrated solutions.  Read more about LNI and the PCHA

LNI Vision

To enable a higher quality of life through the continuous collection, distribution, and application of health information.

Vision Enablement

Monitoring – To integrate new sensor technology into systems that collect health data as unobtrusively as possible
Distributing – To make the collected data as usable as possible through proper representation and sharing for both human and machine consumption
Understanding – To aggregate health information and apply analytics to identify issues and propose interventions
Intervening – To support complex and divergent communities of people in creating effective viable workflows for patient care.


Lamprey Networks, Inc. (LNI) was founded in 1999 to offer technical services related to interoperability and compliance with emerging technology standards. LNI was founded with the goal of delivering industry-best compliance and interoperability solutions while working closely with the nearby University of New Hampshire for cooperative software development, testing, and compliance.

Industry Experience

Since its founding, LNI has developed advanced technical testing and certification processes as well as standards-based network protocols and solutions. This combination of experience, management, and engineering resources allows LNI to:

  • Provide consultation and execution services for the industry
  • Design software stacks and drivers for network protocols
  • Provide technical expertise on industry standards
  • Validate test results and resolve concerns that arise during the certification process
  • Provide support services for organizations writing standards
  • Identify the testable items in a standard and evaluate the effort required to create conformance tests for those items
  • Implement test systems and test infrastructure
  • Create advanced, standards-based, end-to-end connectivity and interoperability solutions across the healthcare IT ecosystem

LNI has led industry initiatives, developed software, authored test suites, and created test tools for numerous organizations including Advanced Switching Interconnect, Digital Living Networks, Open Fabrics Alliance, InfiniBand™ Trade Association, iWARP (RDMA over IP) Consortium, Fibre Channel Industry Association, and the PCI-Express SIG and Continua Health Alliance.

Remote Health and Continua Experience

In 2008, LNI was awarded a contract by the Continua Health Alliance (which later became a core member of the Personal Connected Health Alliance) to develop the Continua Enabling Software Library (CESL) protocols. Through this contract and through leading roles in ISO/IEEE 11073-20601 development, the Continua Technical Working Group, and the Continua Marketing Working group, LNI has matured into the premier Technical System Integrator for Continua based solutions. LNI has used these experiences in developing their Health@Home PHG product lines. LNI has also developed integration software for AHDs, WAN devices, and xHR senders, extensive internal validations tools, and gathered a base of equipment for interoperability testing, enabling LNI to deliver effective and valuable standardized remote health solutions.