LNI provides a Java software SDK targeted at mobile platforms. The SDK can be obtained for three different Operating Systems; (1) Android, (2) Linux, and (3) iOS. Health@home Mobile SDKs manage the collection of observations from medical sensors as well as the delivery of the data to cloud services. All three versions of Health@home Mobile SDKs support Bluetooth Smart. The Android and Linux versions also implement the ISO/IEEE 11073-20601 protocol. The Linux version of the SDK supports USB.

The SDK also is available in a form that is not specific to a given platform.

Features and Benefits

  • Contains a portable Java base that has been tested under multiple JVMs
  • Isolated transport adapter that allows the ISO/IEEE 11073-20601 protocol to be linked to different transports
  • Extensive Programmer’s Guide with multiple example applications simplifies development for people unfamiliar with the Continua Guidelines.
  • The most experienced and widely used code base for connecting with Continua compliant devices
  • Ongoing device compatibility testing performed by LNI with all known Continua Certified devices available in the market
  • Includes modules to deliver device observations to cloud services based on the Continua Guidelines (IHE PCD-01 with SAML-2 authentication).

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