Monitoredrx "GoSpiro"

The Monitoredrx “GoSpiro” is a Bluetooth Smart Spirometer compatible with Android and the PHG2000L. It is not Continua Certified.

  1. Power ‘Go Spiro’ using a USB slot
  2. Press and hold button at top until light turns purple
  3. The ‘Go Spiro’ should now be pairable

Assuming the Go Spiro has been paired:

  1. Quickly press button at top, the indication light should turn green
  2. Once light goes green you can take a measurement by blowing into the tube
  3. There should be a beep indicating that measurement has been completed
  4. The measurement will transmit and the Go Spiro will turn itself off automatically.
  1. Take a measurement.
  2. A screen will popup asking if you want to connect.
    1. Press ‘Yes’ to start the  connection.
    2. Pairing will happen automatically if the device is pairable.
    3. Pairing might require accepting some confirmation dialogs or passkey entries
  3. If the device is not pairable, or if the device has been previously paired the device will connect immediately.