The Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA) is an organization of over 200 member companies with a shared interest in providing standardized remote health monitoring solutions.

PCHA’s mission is to “support a patient/consumer-centered approach to improving health and wellness through personal technology that supports secure clinical-grade data transformed into actionable information based on evidence to change health behaviors and enable management of chronic conditions.”

PCHA helps enable this mission by producing and supporting the Continua Design Guidelines: “an end-to-end ICT framework for personal connected health solutions based on recognized open standards, to create a secure and interoperable health data exchange.” Continua technology is based on international standards developed by HL7 and the ISO/IEEE 11073 Personal Health Devices Working Group.


LNI has been involved with PCHA and Continua for almost 20 years and is a software contributor to the Alliance.

LNI has provided contracted professional services to the PCHAlliance since 2008. These services cover the development of standards, creation of demonstrations, running of plugfests, technology presentations, systems operations, and software development. LNI has worked closely with PCHAlliance to help formulate technical direction and adoption policies and is a strong advocate of the PCHAlliance vision for standards based healthcare.

CODE for HealthCare

Continua Open Development Environment (CODE) is the software suite that PCHA provides for member companies. CODE is a common-source code repository for PCHA members which reduces the knowledge base required to develop compliant home healthcare systems. CODE provides software for collecting observations from BTLE sensors, for uploading sensor data via FHIR standards, and for creating a FHIR server to receive these observations. CODE also provides testing infrastructure to emulate any part of the observation upload process, enabling software developers to validate their products as they are being developed. This standardized method for generating and uploading sensor data minimizes the cost to maintain compatibility with existing  Continua compliant products. The software for CODE was initially developed by LNI under contract with PCHA.

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