LNI and Continua

The Continua Health Alliance is an organization of over 200 member companies with a shared interest in providing standardized remote health monitoring solutions.

Continua’s mission is “to establish an eco-system of interoperable personal health systems to empower people and organizations to better manage their health and wellness.” The creation of this standardized environment will give patients and providers diverse and numerous remote health monitoring choices, while driving down the cost significantly.

Continua’s focus is on personal health use cases in three areas: personal fitness, independent living and chronic disease management. Continua technology is based on international standards developed by HL7 and the ISO/IEEE 11073 Personal Health Devices Working Group.

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Continua and LNI

LNI is a Continua Contributing Member, and has become a “Continua Development Partner.”

LNI is managing the technical operations of the Conformance and Test Working Group. LNI is working with Continua to craft a testing and certification program for the Continua Logo. LNI has been a key contributor to the Technical Working Group, and has worked with ISO/IEEE 11073 to help define and improve the core technology used by Continua.

LNI provides manager development, testing and integration services for Continua and telehealth products. LNI developed the Continua Enabling Software Library (CESL) that is available to Continua member companies to jumpstart development of Conitnua certified products and services.
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