With the threat of the COVID19 continuing to grow and the need for physical separation, Lamprey Networks (LNI) has available and ready to ship Remote Monitoring Kits that can assist  healthcare providers with managing these individuals at home (or where they are quarantined.)  

  • Relieves the need for hospital beds by allowing infected non-ICU patients to be monitored at home or elsewhere. 
  • Reduces the risk of transmission and provides greater leverage of care providers by allowing care providers to monitor and engage with patients from wherever they are. 
  • Bends the curve and further drives down transmission by maintaining isolation of those infected. 
  • Device flexibility.  Monitor a variety of vital signs including temperature and blood oxygen levels. Plug and play selection from a variety of device manufacturers.   

Components Used in Home

The COVID-19 package provides a pulse oximeter and a thermometer in conjunction with a Personal Health Gateway. The PHG can be either a turnkey appliance such as a fixed hub, or a software application that is loaded on an appropriate smart phone or tablet. The medical sensors and PHGs reside in the home setting and the patient will use these devices for monitoring the progression of the disease.  

Components Used In Professional Setting

Behind the devices is the Health@Home Exchange service and the Health@Home Alarming and Alerting application. The Exchange service provides the administrative control over the PHGs and sensor devices. It supports scaling, remote diagnostic support, and the security interface to the system. Exchange can be used via a portal or by directly integrating the APIs into a monitoring application.

The Health@Home Alarming and Alerting Application can reduce the amount of information that the healthcare professional must work with. The application provides a portal that enables alert conditions and associated actions to be defined. Alerts can be pushed into the health record system for internal processing. Alert actions can also provide direct communications to individuals.