Health@home Insight

Health@home insight is a demonstration web application that provides the common use cases for a remote monitoring program. It supports enrolling users into programs, managing devices, collecting and securing measurements, generating trend plots, and generating alerts. Health@home leverages the services of Health@home exchange and can accelerate the process of enterprise application integration.

Health@home Insight application is a perfect fit for health care providers who do not have backend HRN (Health Record Network) systems for data analysis and reporting. This application is designed based on predefined threshold values to generate alerts. When medical measurements are out of the acceptable range, it notifies doctors or nurses for further evaluation of patients. Health@home Insight also provides historical medical data and trending reports that may help doctors to analyze individuals health patterns and take preventive action.

Health@home Link and Insight solution ensures that data is always represented in a manner consistent with clinical requirements.

How Health@home Insight Works
Health@home Insight application can be installed on any on-premise servers or in the cloud. When Health@home hub collects medical data from PAN (Personal Access Network) devices, it forwards data to the WAN receiver such as Health@home Exchange that further distributes the medical data to HRN (Health Record Network) or Health@home Insight system.

In Health@home Insight application, a health administrator can define thresholds for users according to the recommendation made by physicians. When the measurements cross the threshold, an appropriate alert get generated depending on High, Medium, and Low priorities.

Health@home Insight aplication analyzes all medical data and creates user friendly historical reports that are useful for individual health assessment.


Who should use Health@home Insight?
Health@home Insight application benefits organizations who do not have backend HRN systems and are interested in monitoring the vital signs and other medical data from individuals needing extended care. Typical users for Health@home Insight are insurance companies, senior-care centers, national health services, small hospitals, ACOs, etc.

Why use Health@home Insight?
Health@home Insight benefits to Organizations:
– Instant Visibility: doctors and nurses will be notified on alerts and helps to reduce readmission
– Historical Health Trending Report: doctors can analyze individual’s historical data to prevent future emergencies
– Ease of use: user friendly GUI and reporting helps doctors to analyze individual’s health record efficiently
– Data integrity: ensures measurements and reports are accurate and timely
– End-to-end Continua-compliance: measurements and reports generated are standard based and clinically acceptable
Health@home Insight benefits to enrolled members:
– Comprehensive data reporting and analysis: reduce visits to doctors and hospitals
– Self health assessment: user friendly access to member portal for their medical records and to take charge of their own health


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