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The PHG1000 is a cellular solution to enable Health@Home monitoring. The PHG1000 is capable of leveraging the Health@Home backend to deliver vital patient measurements and statistics from the home in a convenient and secure manner without requiring any user interaction. The cellular capability alleviates the need to know local wireless credentials, enabling a true plug and play experience for users. It also may be used in areas that do not have WiFi coverage. The base version of the PHG1000 does not provide direct user feedback.


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Capabilities and Features

  • Open standards connectivity for both data collection and uploading. Supports all Continua and Bluetooth Low Energy Med devices. Uploads to FHIR servers, or HL7 V.2 gateways
  • Meets clinical requirements for patient identity, timestamping and measurement representation
  • Transparent to user – no user facing interface to learn
  • diagnostic tooling to resolve common user issues, including remote Bluetooth pairing
  • Security framework built on dual certificate SSL, BTLE encryption, OAuth, and SAML
  • Operates without needing any PHI nor storing any PHI in transit
  • Support for enterprise scale provisioning
  • Supports cellular connectivity for measurement uploads
  • available off the shelf, as a white-labeled product or part of a turnkey Health@Home program

Tech Specs

  • Uploading of data is secured via SAML authentication and SSLv2 encryption
  • Full compliance with Continua specified standards enabling connection to all Continua devices and Cloud services
  • All Bluetooth Low Energy Med-Dev profiles are supported
  • Split of Data and Management Channel simplifies control over PHI in outsourced environments
  • Offers local and remote management capabilities