Image of PHG750 with mug
Size comparison of PHG750

The PHG750  delivers data to the Health@Home backend services using POTS (plain old telephone service) or a WiFi connection. The 750 provides user feedback via audio and visual notifications. Four buttons provide simple device control and information access


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Capabilities and Features

  • Supports Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE data transport
  • Easy initial setup, and requires little to no maintenance once installed
  • Low cost clinical quality hub delivering standards based medical and general health data
  • Interfaces with Health@Home Exchange for seamless software updates
  • Can support either a consumer owned or provider owned management model

Tech Specs

  • Uploading of data is secured via SAML authentication and SSLv2 encryption
  • Full compliance with Continua specified standards enabling connection to all Continua devices and Cloud services
  • All Bluetooth Low Energy Med-Dev profiles are supported
  • Split of Data and Management Channel simplifies control over PHI in outsourced environments
  • Offers local and remote management