Image of the PHG2000
Size comparison of PHG2000
The PHG2000 is the most configurable home monitoring solution in the Health@Home ecosystem. The PHG2000 is able to upload vital patient measurements and statistics from the home in a safe and secure manner. The base 2000 is headless, uploads measurements via WiFi and provides audio notification of message reception and delivery. The modular nature of the PHG2000 allows for ‘Alexa Skill’ voice commands and cellular message uploads. The central image displays a PHG with all optional features included.


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Capabilities and Features

  • Supports Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE data transport
  • Only one of its kind to support multiple patients by using voice biometric authentication to ensure each measurement is associated with the correct patient
  • Easy initial setup, and requires little to no maintenance once installed
  • Low cost clinical quality hub delivering standards based medical and general health data
  • Interfaces with Health@Home Exchange for seamless software updates
  • Can support either a consumer owned or provider owned management model

Tech Specs

  • Uploading of data is secured via SAML authentication and SSLv2 encryption
  • Full compliance with Continua specified standards enabling connection to all Continua devices and Cloud services
  • All Bluetooth Low Energy Med-Dev profiles are supported
  • Split of Data and Management Channel simplifies control over PHI in outsourced environments
  • Offers local and remote management